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Are you looking for a babysitter or a housekeeper in Norwalk, CT? Do you want to hire only the best caregivers in the US? If so, Mapalo Sitter Cares LLC must be your one and only choice. Whether you want a skilled, trained, and professional caregiver or nanny, we have it all for you! We care about your safety, that’s why we aim to give you the best! By simply registering with us, we will show the list of potential caregivers and babysitters that best fit your needs or requirements.

Our leading-edge is our tradition of pre-screening caregivers and babysitters to ensure that they are able to cater to all the needs of our customers. Note that when we say “pre-screen”, we actually do not use electronic matching; instead, our people will look for potential employers and caregivers. This means that all the caregivers we feature are “personally” pre-screened before we recommend them.

If you are looking for an Au-pair senior caregiver or a housekeeper, browse through our gallery and take a look at the pictures of all of the recommended candidates who are trained in housekeeping, caregiving, and babysitting. Already taken your pick? Log-in or Register to get acquainted with our featured caregivers, nannies, babysitters, and housekeepers who are greatly willing to be at your service, not just in Norwalk, CT but also in other states within the US. At Mapalo Sitter Cares LLC, we only have the best among the rest!


Flora Osinaike
Age: 49

Meet Flora, one of our most excellent caregivers.

Flora is one of our most passionate and hardworking caregivers. She believes in making a difference by gaining her client’s trust and getting to know them better every single day. This helps her build a connection with them, basically treating them like family.

She specializes with clients who have health concerns. Part of her tasks is making sure that the client eats nutritious meals and is maintaining a regular exercise routine. It is also her duty to observe her client and report any significant changes to family members, nurses or doctors.

Meet Hyacithe, a very dependable and proficient caregiver.

Hyacithe John is a committed member of Mapalo Sitter Cares LLC. She simply loves what she does and is very passionate about taking care of the elderly people. She always makes sure her clients maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle to keep them strong and healthy. Her goal is to keep her clients clean, safe, and comfortable all the time. Hyacithe is certified by Home Health Aide and is also a professional baby nurse.

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Hyacithe John
Age: 45