A Guide to Caring for the Elderly

For many people, coping with the fact of having to take care of aging relatives can become a roller coaster ride. As our loved ones reach the senior age, there are many tasks that may seem to just be floating around a single room and it can be very frustrating for many to organize the tasks that they need to do in order to make this whole transition smooth.

As the leading provider of caregiving services here in Norwalk, CT, we at Mapalo Sitter Cares LLC, would want you to have a glimpse of a more organized way of approaching this phase in life.


Nowadays, with the availability of information online, it is very easy for everyone to search for information about aging. Now, the thing that you should research about are the things that you should expect to spring up during this stage of your elderly relative’s life. You can load yourself with information about the physical, emotional, and behavioral changes that they would experience. This is a good initial step to do before proceeding with the second one on this list – just make sure that you get the information from reliable sources.


Now that you have done your research, it is now time to call the professionals. You can get in touch with your family doctor or go to a local hospital in order to undergo some consultations about how you could better take care of your elderly relative. As they say, “it’s the pros who know”.

Now, you might be thinking that this should be the first step, but the reason why we suggested that you should do some research first is for you to have a more productive conversation with the doctor. This is very advisable so that you can cross-reference your observation and research to that of what the doctor would say because the changes in people during this age is very relative.

This step is also necessary so that you would be able to identify some threats to your loved one’s health and be prepared to address them.


After the research and consultation process, it is time to process all of the information that you have just gained. This way, you would have a better grasp of the situation and be mentally and emotionally prepared about the whole process.

Also, this step would include the part where you would be more understanding and patient when dealing with your aging relatives.


Keeping open communication with your elderly relative is always advised. If it is kept this way, they can openly tell you if they are feeling some discomfort. Because of this, you can easily have them be checked to address the situation and do preventive measures at the earliest possible time.

A part of the communication process is explaining to the other members of the family, especially the children, about the changes that your elderly relatives are going through. This way, they can also understand the situation, and move along with you in the process of taking care of your elderly relative.


Coming up with a simple plan for the whole “taking care” process will provide you with a lot of help in providing love, support, and care to your elderly relative. A simple, systematic schedule on “who’s to do this/that at what time?”, “When should we visit grandma/grandpa?”, or “when should grandpa/grandma take their meds?” can help you keep track of the thing are done and those that are yet to be accomplished.

Just a disclaimer though, the senior years is a very dynamic period in your loved one’s life so the plans that you have initially may have some changes as time goes by. This is why you should be prepared to revise your plans in order to accommodate these changes.

6.  ACT

Now that you are already able to know and understand the situation, plan about your approach and schedule, and get everyone in the family on board with the plan, then it’s ACTION TIME.

The schedule that you did is there for a reason, follow it. Do as the doctor advises. But most of all, do everything that you can to make them feel that they are not left out. Call them as often as you can. If you are living away from them, pay a visit from time to time.

There you have it! A simple guide to help you through the process of providing care for your elderly relatives. Yes, these are just general guides because the specifics on how you can provide the best care for your aging relative is still to be set by the doctors, especially if they would have some medical-related situations.

However, what if you are having a difficult time juggling the time for your own family, your career, and taking care of your elderly relative? That’s where this additional step comes in. Step number seven: SEEK HELP.


This step is most recommended for people who are quite busy with their day to day professional life. If you are one of them, then seeking the help of people who provide professional caregiving is the option. Yes, PROFESSIONAL CAREGIVING. It’s not as simple as looking for someone to babysit your toddlers. Since your elderly relative would have some special needs that are totally different from the needs of a child, hiring someone who is properly trained and skilled in providing this care is a must. This is where Mapalo Sitter Cares LLC can be of help.

Our group of caregiving professionals is here to assist you in taking care of your elderly relatives the best way possible. To learn more about us and our caregiving services here in Norwalk, CT, and nearby areas, feel free to visit our website or give us a call at 203-559-6710.

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